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ARMtix is a port of Artix Linux to aarch64 (also known as arm64)



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Previous building system buildbot did not track dependencies between packages. This could cause some packages to be linked against older libraries. If you encounter such package, please, send a message to our telegram group or email to ihummer63 at yandex dot ru with package name, missing libraries and other dependencies of this package which have broken links (if any)

The new build system free from this problem is currently used.

Don't forget to update your boot files after kernel upgrade!

If you have separate /boot partition which is not auto-mounted you should manually upgrade kernel, initramfs and device tree blobs after kernel updates. If you don't update kernel used for boot it will not find its modules directory resulting into the system being almost unusable


Images conatain the following software:

User name is “armtix”, user and root password both are “armtix”. User can run any program with sudo.

When configuring image before first boot, ensure you have all needed tty enabled. By default only graphical ttys 1-6 are enabled. As long as some boards don’t yet have supported video output you may need a separate init script for serial tty with address and baud rate depending on your board. Configuring serial tty for kernel debug output is also important if you have some problems preventing from correct boot process.

Currently packages don’t have signatures so you need to add SigLevel=Never lines to system, world and galaxy repos configuration in /etc/pacman.conf